Psychedelic Soldiers

Michael Spadafora, Sept 4, 2016

Runtime 15 minutes

Since 2004, more Canadian & American soldiers have died from PTSD related suicide than actual combat. Can MDMA help save our veterans?

This short documentary tells the story of 2 American veterans and their battle with PTSD. After having tried every available treatment without success, they turned to MAPS and MDMA-Assisted therapy where they gained back control of their lives like never before.




Mission Mind Control

Paul Altmeyer, July 10, 1979

Runtime 50 minutes

ABC News

The story about mind control by Paul Altmeyer in 1979 when he tries to uncover 3 decades of experiments starting with the OSS in the mall and ending with bulls in Spain. Drugs, MK Ultra, the CIA and the search for mind control in the twilight zone.