The future of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy

Rick Doblin, TED, Aug 9, 2019

Runtime 16 minutes

Researcher Rick Doblin has spent the past three decades investigating if psychedelics could help or even heal PTSD, and the results are promising. In this TED Talk he dives into the science of psychedelics and explains how drugs like LSD, psilocybin and MDMA affect your brain and paired with psychotherapy, they can change the way we treat PTSD, depression, substance abuse and more.


DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Mitch Schultz, Sept 26, 2010

Runtime 74 minutes

Hosted by Joe Rogan

An investigation in the mystery of dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a molecule found in nearly every living organism and considered a potent psychedelic.


Mission Mind Control

Paul Altmeyer, July 10, 1979

Runtime 50 minutes

ABC News

The story about mind control by Paul Altmeyer in 1979 when he tries to uncover 3 decades of experiments starting with the OSS in the mall and ending with bulls in Spain. Drugs, MK Ultra, the CIA and the search for mind control in the twilight zone.